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USDA Rural Utilities Service Administrator, John Padalino, shares his thoughts on water and energy issues in rural communities.

Sustainable, Profitable, and Holistic Management - Alan Hubbard and the Shannon Creek Cattle and Quarter Horse Company

The Shannon Creek Cattle and Quarter Horse ranch is located on 3,000 acres of tallgrass prairie near Olsburg, KS. The Hubbards own about 500 acres and rent an additional 2,500 where they graze 150 of their own Hereford cows, 45 brood mares in a mare band, five stallions, 250 ewes and 75 nanny goats. Additionally, they custom graze another 160 cows. Managing all of these grazing patterns requires good fencing and reliable water sources. They sought out alternative watering systems that were low-cost, requiring more labor to install but were less expensive. As an added bonus, the watering systems they installed improve water quality and use little to no energy.

The Hubbard family‚Äôs unique approach to land management is based on 12 Ranch Philosophies that emphasize working with the land and the entire community. 

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Shannon Creek Cattle and Quarter Horses

Sustainable, Profitable, and Holistic Management

October 2014

Mark Eitel

Wise use of Water, Soil, and Wind

September 2014

Pete Ferrell

What's good for Ecology is good for the Economy.

April 2014