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No-till + Cover Crops = Immediate Impacts

"I have peace of mind realizing that I'm doing a better job. I'm not where I want to be but know I'm making an impact. To be successful at this, you have to be a good student, learn as much as possible, be humble and never give up. Always look to learn something!" - Darin Williams

Darin and Nancy Williams farm close to 2,000 acres near Waverly, KS. They raise non-GMO corn and soybeans, wheat, milo, triticale, rye, and barley, as well as 31 head of British White cows, and 25 Katahdin hair sheep. They switched from conventional to no-till with cover crops at the same time, and they have seen immediate results.

No-till + cover crops + livestock = a diverse system with multiple, interconnected impacts and benefits. Reduced erosion, increased water infiltration and holding capacity, reduced fuel usage, improved water quality, more family time, and peace of mind are several - but not all - of the benefits from this impressive system.

Read all about the Williams' innovative practices here!

Darin and Nancy Williams

No-till + Cover Crops = Immediate Impacts

November 2014

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