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Water + Energy Progress

 Water + Energy Progress identifies successful innovations in energy efficiency and water conservation on Kansas farms and Ranches.
Stewardship.  Innovation.  Success.


WEP Program Director, Rachel Myslivy, recaps some of the great videos we've produced of Kansans saving water and energy.  
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Community Conservation - Bill & Peggy Sproul

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The Sproul Ranch spans 7,500 acres of Tallgrass Prairie in south-central Kansas. Using patch burning and management intensive grazing practices, Bill and Peggy Sproul have reduced erosion and the negative impacts from cattle to the soil surface, which means that water stays on the land and infiltrates into the soil.

The Sproul ranch is an innovative example of responsible stewardship of soil, water, energy, and grassland communities. Valuing all parts of the ecosystem, all the way down to the small, yet important dung-beetle, their unique approach to conservation reframes ideas of community, conservation, and progress. Bill explains,

"The community is all tied together and each thing depends on the other to make the community strong. When you view land as a community, you belong to the community. . . The land is the wealth, the community is the wealth. Water quality, retention, infiltration, the more I have, the wealthier I am."

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