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Water + Energy Progress

 Water + Energy Progress identifies successful innovations in energy efficiency and water conservation on Kansas farms and Ranches.
Stewardship.  Innovation.  Success.


WEP Program Director, Rachel Myslivy, recaps some of the great videos we've produced of Kansans saving water and energy.  
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Hands-on Stewardship of the Home and Ranch - Jane Koger, Matfield Green

Jane Koger’s innovative approach to grazing includes including intensive early grazing and patch burn grazing on her 4,000 acre cow/calf ranch near Matfield Green in the Flint Hills of Chase county.  With patch burn management, just one third of the pasture is burned yearly. The other two thirds are untouched, which provides habitat for grassland birds and other species, but it also captures more water and has positive impacts on water quality.

Patch burning keeps cattle in one place without fencing which saves time, money, and energy on maintenance and upkeep. Furthermore, Jane’s entire operation is off-the-grid, powered exclusively by solar panels and wind turbines. Her openness to community involvement provides opportunities for others to learn about land stewardship, water, and biodiversity.  Jane explains,

If patch burn grazing is good for wildlife and it’s good for butterflies, of course it’s going to be good for grazing livestock. If you manage for birds and butterflies and monitor those smaller animals, the quarter pounders will be there!

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Jane Koger

Hands-on Stewardship on the Home and Ranch

July 2015

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