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USDA Rural Utilities Service Administrator, John Padalino, shares his thoughts on water and energy issues in rural communities.

Mark Eitel: Wise use of Water, Soil, & Wind

Southwest Kansas has experienced severe drought and declining groundwater supplies yet Mark Eitel has maintained profitability with 35% less water. Converting acreage to highly efficient, low-pressure Subsurface Drip Irrigation systems has saved water, reduced chemical costs, and energy expenses on Eitel’s farm outside of Dighton. No-till farming practices have increased the health of the soil on his 1700 acres and improved water retention and holding capacity, reduced runoff and also saved fuel costs.

Eitel’s practices focus on efficient water use, soil health, and profitability. Mark explains,

I am trying to save the water that is underneath me. If I pump less, the water will be there a lot longer. The whole idea is to keep my water as long as I possibly can. The water level going up is a good indication that what I am doing is working.

Wendell Nicholas & Eldon Schmidt

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March 2014

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February 2014

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January 2014