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Kansas farmers and ranchers are innovating to save water and energy


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NRCS State Agronomist, Candy Thomas, discusses energy, agriculture, and soil health!

Changing to a Conservation Mindset

John Bradley’s ranch in Douglas County prioritizes water quality, time management, and animal health. A veterinarian by trade, the system revolves around one day off per week with one person’s labor.

Beginning with a focus on water quality, Bradley installed feeding pads and watering sites that preserved the streams and ponds on the 300 acres of cool season grass in northeast Kansas. Stockpiling grass for winter grazing, utilizing solar chargers for fencing, and frost-proof watering tanks reduce the amount of energy required to run the cattle operation. Bradley says,

"I cannot add up how many hours I don’t have to do things now. Not putting up hay, not feeding hay, not chopping ice, not pulling cows out of ponds . . . It’s a matter of changing the mindset.”

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